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Free Day Trading Stock Picks... and Live Streaming Stock Market Broadcast

Yep, thatís right. Iím dishing out FREE STOCK PICKS! Free day trading stock picks. Free swing trading stock picks. Free options trading stock picks. Join us every trading day for the live streaming stock market broadcast and day trading radio audio video presentation where I will be breaking down stock charts using technical analysis to find high-probability stock trading setups. This will provide a wealth of day trading education, tips and tricks for traders of any experience level. This service is FREE. No sign-up required. I am simply trying to build interest in the website and gain your confidence as a stock picking genius!

To Receive FREE Real-Time Email Trade Alerts -- email me at Jay@Jaytradinglive.com and say "TRADE ALERTS"

NOTE: I am still working on a lot of the back-end aspects of this site but I am Broadcasting Live from 9:30 - 12:30 EST every trading day, so tune into the live broadcast and/or log into the live chatroom to get real-time trade alerts. Hope to see you in the room - we have been absolutely crushing the market -- feel free to ask anyone in the chatroom - I'm sure they would be happy to let you know how we're doing!

Live Day Trading Broadcast and Stock Market Streaming Video

Click the play button to join the live broadcast. I am Live from 9:30 - 12:30 EST every trading day.

REMOVE COMMERCIALS FROM VIDEO: To remove the commercial interruptions from the live broadcast you will need to use the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox as your web browser. Then, google "ad block" for whichever browser you use - Chrome or Firefox. Download the ad block program (takes about 5 seconds) and then when you come back to jaytradinglive and play the live broadcast, you should be ad free - It may work for Safari too, but I couldn't get it to work on my computer with Safari.

To receive Real-Time Email Trade Alerts -- email me at Jay@Jaytradinglive.com and say "SEND ME REAL-TIME TRADE ALERTS"

Free Stock Picks. Free Day Trading Stock Picks. Free Swing Trading Stock Picks. Free Options Trading Stock Picks.

Whether you’re day trading, swing trading, options trading, a new trader or a battle-tested trading veteran, you've come to the right spot. My research produces high-probability stock picks based on technical analysis and charting indicators. Before each trading day, stocks with strong profit-making potential will be listed in the WATCH BOX. As each stockís technical indicators are triggered, they will move to the HIT LIST becoming a recommended trade. Itís that simple to Trade Smart.

SIGN UP and BECOME A MEMBER TODAY! Whether youíre looking for day trading stock picks, swing trading stock picks or options trading stock picks, the JayTradingLive stock picking service will work for you. Put simply, this is me - Jay - trading - live. Through years of experience and research, I have developed a series of technical indicators and trading strategies that move with the flow of the market, constantly and consistently plucking gains. These are not computerized stock picks. I personally go through the stock charts of each and every stock that makes it to the WATCH BOX and then on to the HIT LIST. I developed this site to assist and organize my own trading and even though it is open as a resource to you, it remains my personal trading log. Sign Up today and try it Free for Two Weeks!

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